Welcome to the community of Matamata Bible Church.

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We want to be people who are passionate about being the type of church described in the Bible - a caring, loving community committed to Jesus Christ. Daily experiencing the reality of God, hearing from Christ and having a life changing dependence in Christ and a growing personal relationship with Him.

Matamata Bible Church is a place to find freedom and grace in your life. Freedom from past regrets hurts and wrongs. Freedom to start a new life with Jesus Christ.

It will not matter to us whether you are just beginning to ask questions about God - or if you have a committed relationship with Christ. You are welcome to make this your spiritual home.

Sunday Morning

We have two Sunday morning services - a Reflective Service which starts at 9:00am and a Contemporary Service which starts at 10:30am - but check the services page (Button on this Home page) because some Sundays are combined and start at 10:30am. If you have a young family children are welcome in the Reflective Service and we seek to support you with suitable programs for your the children whatever their ages during the Contemporary Service.

Come dressed casually if you want and don't worry about young children making a noise during the service - that comes with being a family and we like being family here.

Ways of Connecting

There are many ways to connect with one another and to support one another in the church - children's programs, youth programmes, home groups... you are welcome to explore this web site for more information or to contact the office.

Cafe Eleven

Matamata Bible Church has a full cafe at the rear of the building which is used for many of the church activities as well as community activities.

There is opportunity for fellowship with a cup of coffee or whatever drink you prefer after the Sunday morning service.  From time to time we run programs for any wanting to know what it means to follow Jesus, support courses for marriages, youth programmes, weddings, birthday celebrations and more are held in Cafe Eleven.   For example parents with children at Ballet Plus are able to relax in the cafe while waiting for their children.

If you are attending an event at Cafe Eleven remember that it is at the rear of the building.

Matamata Bible Church