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Our church works as a team with a number of people involved in different areas of church life.
The following people can be contacted, along with any of our Elders and Ministry Development teams who are also listed on this page.




You matter to God! Every one of us does! God loves you and desires a relationship with you. Shona and I would love to help you find or deepen a relationship with God. We know life can be tough, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We are available to talk and pray with you about your needs, and to help you find solutions to the challenges you face. Shona is also a qualified counsellor, and ready to listen. MBC is a church family where everyone is welcome, so please pop in for a chat - we would love to meet you.



Choosing to follow Jesus is the best decision anyone can make and it’s an honour to be involved in seeing God at work in people’s lives. Both Anita and I are passionate about making God’s Word relevant to the people around us, and helping them to grow spiritually. It’s exciting to be part of reaching out into community, seeing families and children thriving, and helping MBC to be a place where everyone is valued and contributes together to grow God’s kingdom. We’d love to get to know you and support you to live your best life in Jesus.



Living and breathing Jesus is my reason to exist and the more I can share this with everyone that I meet, the more they can experience Jesus’ love too. Serving at MBC gives me an amazing opportunity to do this, while also carrying out the fundamental functions of the church. My role is highly diverse and covers everything from financial accounts and administration, through to church hireage and facilities management. So if you need anything at MBC, call in and see me and I will help in whatever way I can!


A number of teams are involved in ministries in the church and are supported by both an Elders Team and a Ministry Development Team. 

Elders and their Wives

Bryce & Christine Anderton
Andrew & Karen Lind
Dean & Anita McDonnell
Brent & Heather McIntosh
Ross & Shona Wellington

Ministry Development

Caroline Baker Simpson
Ross Bay
Ruth Harkness
Jane Hoebers
Wade Linnell
Dean McDonnell
Ross Wellington